Exchange policy

Solidoe awards parents public holiday credit for public holidays that fall on their contract day(s). Absence of a child (due to vacation or illness) does not earn any points. Credit can be used to apply for additional childcare. If you have no credit, you can request extra care on the basis of an invoice. You can read below how this works.

Build up of holiday credit

  • Solidoe is closed on national holidays and the Friday after Ascension Day. If you have childcare on one of these days, holiday credit will automatically be awarded.
  • This credit is granted as of January 1 of the new calendar year, for the calendar year in question. This credit is only usable from the moment of allocation.
  • Credit is awarded in points. The value of the credit is: 4 points for a whole day, 2 points for a half day and 1 point for VSO or lunch.
  • Your awarded credit is visible in your Konnect Parent Portal and Parent App.

Using public holiday credit / requesting extra care

  • Requesting extra care is done entirely via the Parent Portal or Konnect’s Parent App.
  • The required credit for extra care is: 4 points for a whole day, 2 points for a half-day and 1 point for VSO or lunch.
  • If you have sufficient credit, you can use this with your application. If your allocated credit has been used up, you will automatically receive an invoice for the entire additional care on your next request. It is not possible to use partial credit and receive an invoice for the remaining hours.
  • If you do not have credit (yet), you will receive an invoice for the additional scheduled care.
  • Credit allocated as of January for the new calendar year can only be used from January for a request for additional childcare. If you apply for childcare in January during December, it can only be done based on invoicing.
  • Applications can be submitted from 1 month in advance up to 1 week in advance. It is not possible to inform the group last minute.
  • Applications are assessed based on availability. We are bound by the legal ratio between the number of children and the number of employees.
  • You can find the status of your application in the Parent Portal or in the Parent App the Agenda – Calendar – Application overview . You will also receive notifications from the ParentApp about the status of your request.
  • Once an application has been approved, it cannot be cancelled. You can, however, deregister your child. This does not mean that the extra care in question will be credited in money or points.
  • If your application has not yet been approved, you can cancel it up to 1 day in advance.
  • If you have unregistered your child, your right to this place expires and we can offer it to another child. If you still need childcare on this day, you can request this via the ParentApp for extra care.

Validity of public holiday credit

  • The points awarded for public holidays expire on December 31 of the current calendar year.
  • Credit is child-related and per type of care. Credit is child-related and per type of care. You cannot transfer credit to other children and if your child transfers to a different type of care, the previously awarded points will expire. If your child changes location, the credit granted remains valid.
  • In the event of an interim cancellation for (part of) the care, it will be recalculated for which public holidays in the current calendar year you will receive credit. Credit will be deducted for public holidays that are no longer covered by your contract.
  • After the last contract day, you can no longer use any credit. If you have used credit after terminating your contract, you will receive an invoice for these day(s).
  • Credit cannot be exchanged for money.
  • Solidoe’s exchange policy is a service, you cannot derive any rights from it.

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