We give the little ones a safe place where they feel as much at home as possible, where they have the space to be themselves and to discover.


Growing at the daycare center

As children grow, they become more interested in the world around them. Toddlers love nothing more than to investigate everything. The environment, everything they see and hear, but especially each other. When children are two years old, they are at the age where they find other children extremely interesting.

The children at the daycare center learn through play how to be together in a group. This is how the first friendships arise. This happens in a safe and familiar environment, in which we encourage children to go on adventures and try out everything. And also to encounter the limits of their possibilities, because that is how they learn the most.

Solidoe sees children as explorers. Young children develop and learn by playing, experiencing and experiencing. Our pedagogical staff allows the children to experience everything for themselves as much as possible. In this way they acquire all kinds of skills that are important for the development of their personality. This training is important to make children strong for 21st century society.

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