Our Approach

As a childcare organization, we constantly consider our role in the education of the children entrusted to us. What can we contribute to their education at home? Which pedagogical approach will assist children in navigating a rapidly changing society? Do our offerings align with what children need to prepare for the future?

Our general pedagogical policy can be found here: General pedagogy

Childcare and the art of parenting

Solidoe sees children as explorers. Their needs, developmental stage, and interests form the basis for the actions of our educational staff.
Young children develop and learn by playing, experiencing and experiencing. While every child acquires knowledge and skills in a somewhat predictable order, their unique individuality is influenced by their personality, temperament, talents, and environment. Solidoe actively supports, assists, and encourages each child in their individual journey.

Children initially develop skills, gain knowledge, and discover their talents. Additionally, there is socialization, preparing them for life within a community. Lastly, children form their character, develop moral awareness, and foster critical thinking.
In childcare, the emphasis is placed on socialization and education. With the “educator” at the core. Parents are recognized as the primary educators.

Quality childcare complements the home environment significantly. Solidoe’s mission is to promote the development of self-competent and unique children through a collaborative educational partnership with parents. In this way, children can integrate into society successfully.
Above all, we aim to provide children with the freedom to explore, experience, and learn. For Solidoe, it’s not just about the end result but the journey itself, the experiential aspect. Our employees play a pivotal role in this endeavor. They possess the knowledge, courage, vision, and wisdom to guide children effectively.

We focus on the development of 21st-century skills. Which have now been incorporated into the goals of the Childcare Act.

How we implement this at Solidoe

Come as you are • We create a supportive environment by providing sufficient and nutritious food and encouraging physical activity and our locations are maintained in a clean and secure manner. We teach children to manage responsible risks while preventing reckless behavior. We foster their autonomy, acknowledge differences among children, and challenge them to explore other individuals and new experiences.

Explore! • We actively contribute to the development of children’s personality, self-confidence, and self-identity. This includes self-regulation, resilience, independence, self-assurance, adaptability, and creativity.

We are in this together • Collaboration and social competency development are promoted, including empathy, communication, cooperation, assistance, conflict resolution, and social responsibility.

We find ourselves in the midst of the world • We integrate values and norms, encompassing traditions, rituals, empathy, adaptation to others, and an appreciation for diversity.

In the Modern World

The 21st-century skills are gaining increasing importance. These skills encompass communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, self-regulation, social and cultural skills, creativity, and the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Paying attention to these competencies is vital in education and in guiding children’s upbringing. The same goes for childcare.
Technological advancements are progressing rapidly, Developments such as cloud technology, robotics, and genetic engineering.
We are moving towards cleaner energy and a circular economy. Resulting in different job requirements for companies and organizations. The emphasis is shifting from simply exchanging information to interpreting information. And that will become a significant component of many job roles. The type of jobs needed is evolving, requiring young people to be prepared for positions that do not yet exist.

Education and childcare Integration

The integration of education and childcare is growing. A well-established and effective pedagogical environment is essential for children to explore the world, develop, and learn optimally.
Solidoe has consistently recognized the significance of integrated facilities. We have collaborated with partners on projects such as the Legmeer Community School, the Duet Integral Child Center in Uithoorn, and IKC Triade in the Hornmeer in Aalsmeer. Additionally, we have formed partnerships with various organizations and associations, including the Berenboot, the care center, the sailing school at Triade/Dolfijn, and MOC Kabouterhuis at Kindcentrum Legmeer.

Community Collaboration

The neighborhood plays a significant role in the upbringing of children. We align ourselves with the pedagogical civil society, as described by Professor of Education and Pedagogy Micha de Winter. This perspective emphasizes not only the involvement of parents in their child’s life but also that of the neighborhood, extended family, friends, the school, and childcare. Collaboration with local organizations, small businesses, or associations is of great importance for children.
An increasing number of organizations seek to collaborate with Solidoe. Schools invite us to establish Integrated Child Centers (IKCs), municipalities see potential in new developments, and organizations and associations consider Solidoe an essential partner (e.g., Alert4you, MOC Kabouterhuis). We are eager to participate in such initiatives, guided by our vision and strategy. The evolving societal landscape challenges us to think critically about our approach.

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As a childcare organization, we constantly consider our role in the education of the children entrusted to us.

Our mission

'Everyone has room for their own growth'

Our vision

Solidoe wants to transform childcare and education into one challenging and modern (development) environment for the child.