Triade, Aalsmeer

Juliette Piet, Location Manager: "As location manager, I believe it is very important that there is enjoyment at work within the team." When you come to work with pleasure, it has a positive effect on the children. As a result, they have the Space for Their Own Growth! And that is precisely the mission of Solidoe.

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Triade, Aalsmeer
Dreef 1B
1431 WC Aalsmeer

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LRK number: KDV: 634865523
LRK number: BSO: 154397076

Pedagogical work plan

Opening hours
Mon 7.00-18.30
Tue 7.00-18.30
Wed 7.00-18.30
Thur 7.00-18.30
Fri 7.00-18.30

Years of experience

At Triade we have an enormous wealth of experience. We have been active and involved in the Hornmeer since 1989, so we have already welcomed a number of generations of Aalsmeer residents. And when these generations then stand on Triade’s doorstep with their children, we are proud that they return to their old familiar place!

Truly Aalsmeer

With the view of the water tower you immediately know: this feels like Aalsmeer! Across from our beautiful building, Zwembad de Waterlelie, surrounded by Hornmeer Park, close to the bus station, and within walking distance of the midgetgolfbaan and the kinderboerderij, how centrally located do you want a location to be?

IKC Triade is a comprehensive childcare center where children from 3 months to the end of group 8 can grow and develop. A daycare center and after-school care: it’s all there. That’s great, because it allows the toddler who is becoming a preschooler to stay in a familiar environment. All of this makes the transition to school much less stressful.

In collaboration with education

As an IKC, we are constantly looking for ways to collaborate even more, all to ensure that every child can develop optimally.

We are proud of our beautiful, clean, and climate-neutral building We do not use fossil fuels. The layout of all groups has been carefully considered: as practical as possible for the caregivers and therefore good for the child.

We work with a permanent team of pedagogical staff members, each with their own unique expertise. Just like the children, our team members are committed to continuous growth and development. That’s why we offer them the opportunity to further their education through our very own Solidoe Academy.

For the very youngest

At the We use themes on the toddler group and the vertical group. We offer a variety of activities both indoors and outdoors, based on the themes we are exploring. IKC Triade offers an environment where children have the space to discover, play, and develop. Fun with peers, imagination, and respect for each other form the foundation. Every Thursday (except during school holidays), children from 2.5 years old can participate in peutergym with the gym teacher from the education department.

Coming home to after-school care

Together with the team, we ensure that children feel a sense of coming home. From the classrooms, the children walk straight to the BSO, where they can reunite with their friends from their own class.
IKC Triade is a great place for children to play and develop at their own pace and in their own way. At IKC Triade, we offer children the space to explore their own ideas. If they need help, we help, but above all we let them have fun and discover new things for themselves.

Large Green Outdoor Space

IKC Triade is surrounded by a green outdoor space with a special and challenging nature garden, where children can play freely. We have set up a special baby garden in the garden for the babies. A big success!
Children at the daycare center can have contact with their siblings who are also at IKC Triade through the fence, making the transition to school minimal.
Come and visit IKC Triade to admire our beautiful building with the nature garden and get to know us!

Juliette Piet

Location manager

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Would you like to step inside, meet our employees, and get a feel for the atmosphere? You can! We would be happy to give you a tour of our location.

However, we can only schedule a date for this once we have actual space available at our location. This way we avoid disappointment. Currently, we have waitlists for (almost) all of our locations and there are no openings available. Therefore, we recommend registering your child first so that you can be added to the waitlist.

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As a childcare organization, we constantly consider our role in the education of the children entrusted to us.

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'Everyone has room for their own growth'

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Solidoe wants to transform childcare and education into one challenging and modern (development) environment for the child.