Sam Sam, Aalsmeer

Location manager KDV SamSam; “As a location manager, I encourage my employees to work with enthusiasm every day. Because those who work from enthusiasm pass this on to the children and from here we can discover the world together. Every day I am proud of what we achieve together here. With a good dose of humor and a loving team, we have a lot of fun with the children!”

Contact details

Sam Sam, Aalsmeer
Jac. P. Thijsselaan 10
1431 JH Aalsmeer

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LRK number: KDV: 131733898

Pedagogical work plan

Opening hours
Mon 7.30-18.30
Tue 7.30-18.30
Wed 7.30-18.30
Thur 7.30-18.30
Fri 7.30-18.30

An attractive building

Sam Sam is a small-scale location for the care of babies and toddlers. The authentic building on JP Thijsselaan has been beautifully renovated into an attractive place with 2 groups: a baby group for little ones aged 0-2 years and a group for toddlers aged 2-4 years. The original appearance of the outside, surrounded by a beautiful new outdoor space, has been preserved. Inside, the building has been completely modernized, while the characteristic elements of the cozy atmosphere have been preserved. A lot of care and attention has been paid to the layout and furnishings. The building has many windows and we used that element to bring the outside in. The forest theme on the groups and the corridor gives the location a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.


All pedagogical staff in the baby group have been trained as baby specialists. We deal with the babies calmly and respectfully and follow the baby’s own pace. We also pay close attention to what the baby is doing, what the child needs and how it is developing.

In the toddler group we work with themes, based on which we do various activities indoors and outdoors. Sam Sam offers an environment in which children have the space to discover everything, play and develop. Fun with peers, imagination and respect for each other form the basis. The toddlers regularly receive music lessons. They love that.

Our team consists of highly experienced colleagues. Because the location is so small, all pedagogical staff know all the babies and children.

Outdoor space

Sam Sam is surrounded by a green outdoor area with a special and challenging natural garden, where children can play freely. We have set up a special baby garden in the garden for the babies. A big success!

We pay a lot of attention to healthy food and grow our own vegetables in our vegetable garden. It’s a joy when we can harvest and eat the tomatoes ourselves! We pay a lot of attention to sustainability and have our own mini petting zoo with chickens and rabbits, among other things. Which the toddlers take care of themselves. In this way, they learn to have respect and love for nature and animals from a young age. And of course we also eat the farm-fresh eggs from our chickens with great pleasure.

Come visit Sam Sam to admire and get to know our beautiful building with the natural garden!

samsam pedagogisch mederwerkers

Ellen Boon

Location manager


Wil je even binnenkijken, onze medewerkers ontmoeten en de sfeer proeven? Dat kan! We geven je graag een rondleiding op onze locatie.

Echter kunnen we hier pas een datum voor prikken, zodra we ook daadwerkelijk plek hebben op onze locatie. Op die manier voorkomen we teleurstelling. Op dit moment geldt dat we voor (bijna) alle locaties een wachtlijst hebben en er geen plekken beschikbaar zijn. Het is daarom raadzaam om eerst je kind in te schrijven, zodat jullie op de wachtlijst komen te staan.

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52 weken per jaar geopend

Als ouder wilt u graag dat we uw kind(eren) opvangen als u dat nodig heeft. Daar houdt Solidoe rekening mee, we zijn 52 weken per jaar geopend.

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Antwoord op belangrijke vragen

Jouw kind binnenkort naar de kinderopvang? Met deze vragen en antwoorden helpen we je op weg in onze kinderopvang.


Als organisatie voor kinderopvang denken we steeds na over onze rol in de opvoeding van de kinderen die aan ons toevertrouwd worden.


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Solidoe wil de kinderopvang en het onderwijs transformeren tot één uitdagende en moderne (ontwikkel)omgeving voor het kind.