Het Duet, Uithoorn

Location manager Mariska Plasmeijer: “For me, the Duet is a varied workplace where no day is the same. Every day I am proud of what we have achieved here together with the school. Everything we came up with for the construction of our Integrated Child Center really works in practice, but we continue to look for new challenges. With a fantastic team, which is growing all the time, we strive every day to give all children a feeling of familiarity and to make it a fun day!”

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Het Duet, Uithoorn
Prinses Christinalaan 120
1421 BN Uithoorn

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LRK number: KDV/PO: 839899993
LRK number: BSO: 157359372

Pedagogical work plan

Opening hours
Mon 7.00-18.30
Tue 7.00-18.30
Wed 7.00-18.30
Thur 7.00-18.30
Fri 7.00-18.30

Childcare with vision

Het Duet opened its doors in January 2015. We were given the opportunity to translate our vision on care and education into a brand new building. The name refers to a Duet between care and education, a Duet between teacher or pedagogical employee and children, and a Duet between child center and parents, between child center and the neighborhood and between child center and society. It is a joy to play, learn and work here every day.


Our daycare center consists of four groups. Two vertical groups for children from 0 to 4 years, a baby group and a toddler group. The spaces are spacious, bright and invitingly designed. We have access to the gym and we are very happy with our beautiful green outdoor space. After all, exercise is very important for children!

Collaboration with School

Our toddler care and youngest groups for out-of-school care (BSO) have rooms next to the nursery classes. This allows the toddlers and preschoolers to come into contact with each other. The toddlers at the daycare center also regularly play with the toddlers in the neighborhood. The activities are coordinated.

For children who are about to go to school, the step is small, because they have already visited the classroom several times and have met the teacher. A major advantage for the children who also go to after-school care is that the staff they see at after-school care in the afternoon provide support in the classrooms in the morning. They also see the same faces at the after-school care center. This gives them a familiar feeling.

All types of childcare

Our daycare center consists of 4 groups: 2 groups for children from 0 to 4 years old, a baby group and a toddler group. The spaces are spacious, bright and invitingly designed. We can use the gym and we are very happy with our beautiful green outdoor space. After all, exercise is very important for children!

The toddler care within Het Duet is for children from 2 to 4 years old. We also offer Preschool Education (VE). Read more about VE here .

We have several groups for after-school care (BSO) for children between the ages of 4 and 13. After school, they are picked up by the pedagogical staff. We share the after-school care rooms with the school. The BSO can use the library, the studio, the kitchen/diner, the gym and the outdoor area. We do all kinds of fun activities there. Workshops are also regularly organized for which children can register.

For parents who have to leave the house early, we offer pre-school care from 7:00 am. Children who arrive before 8am can have breakfast with us. The pedagogical worker then takes them to school.

Peaceful School

At Het Duet we work on the standards of the Peaceful School. We teach children at an early age to resolve conflicts themselves and we have mediators among our children who can help other children resolve conflicts. This makes all children very social.

Come and meet Het Duet!

kinderen glijbaan spelen
vestigingsmanager duet

Mariska Plasmeijer

Director of childcare

Ivana Oussoren

Junior Location Manager IKC het Duet

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However, we can only schedule a date for this once we have actual space available at our location. This way we avoid disappointment. Currently, we have waitlists for (almost) all of our locations and there are no openings available. Therefore, we recommend registering your child first so that you can be added to the waitlist.

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