Solidoe is a foundation

Solidoe is a non-profit foundation. This means that we try to keep childcare prices as low as possible, while guaranteeing quality.


Childcare allowance

You can use the information from the agreement to submit an application for childcare allowance to the tax authorities. Based on the agreement, you can calculate the amount of the childcare allowance on the website At the end of the year you will receive an annual overview that you can use for your tax return.

Do you want to qualify for childcare allowance? Then check the Tax Authorities’ Benefits website to see whether you are entitled to childcare allowance and apply for it immediately.

There is a handy app available that serves as a tool to provide parents with a step-by-step explanation of childcare allowance. This app is available to everyone and in 6 languages; Dutch, English, Polish, Arabic, Ukrainian and Russian.

Always report changes, such as your income and childcare hours, immediately via My Benefits on the Benefits website or the Childcare Allowance app.

Childcare organizations are legally required to include the date of birth and the Citizen Service Number (BSN) of you and your child in their administration. you must provide this information to your childcare organization. The Tax Authorities’ Allowances department needs this information to determine which parent the childcare details pertain to. Read more here about sharing this information with your childcare organization.


Childcare calculator

Curious about the cost of childcare?

Use our smart calculator to calculate your net monthly costs yourself. Calculate your childcare costs immediately.