Placement policy

Solidoe applies the following policy regarding planning and placement of children:


  • Registration must be done separately per type of shelter.
  • You can register for the daycare center from the moment you are pregnant. You can register for after-school care or toddler care from the moment your child is born.
  • You can only register if there is a geographical or economic connection with the municipalities where Solidoe is active (with the exception of Aalsmeerderbrug and Rijsenhout).
  • A preference for a location is possible for full day care. After placement at the location of the second choice, progression to the preferred location is no longer possible.
  • The locations for after-school care are linked to specific schools. Children are placed on the waiting list of the location linked to the school the child attends.
  • The response period to the offer is 14 days. If no response is received within 14 days of the date, the offer will expire in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.
  • The waiting list is processed in order of registration. The available days and the age of the child may have an influence.


  • The planning is made a maximum of six months in advance. If parents can be offered a place, they will be contacted by telephone and/or email. If agreement has been reached (by telephone) about the placement, parents will receive a quote with the offer that has been made and the associated costs.
  • Children prefer to spend at least two days at the daycare center, one full day is only possible if it falls within our standard.
  • Children attend after-school care for at least one afternoon.
  • Children attend toddler care for at least two half-days.
  • Flexible care is sporadically possible at a limited number of locations. Consultation takes place between the Planning & Placement department and the location managers for each application/placement.

To cancel

  • Written notice is necessary if the child will not remain in day care or toddler care until his or her fourth birthday or in out-of-school care until the end of group 8.
  • The notice period is 1 month. This month starts on the day of cancellation.
  • Cancellations can be emailed to, you will then receive a written confirmation of the cancellation in your parent portal.
  • If your child is ill for a long time, you can contact the Planning and Placement department.

Priority rules

  • Priority is given to children of Solidoe Childcare employees,
  • Priority is given to brothers or sisters of children already placed within the same type of care
  • There is no priority for children from full day care to out-of-school care.
  • Childcare Solidoe may decide to grant priority on the basis of a social/medical indication (SMI) if the correct documentation is provided.
  • Priority is given to children of staff who work at a school with which Solidoe has a cooperation agreement.

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Wil je even binnenkijken, onze medewerkers ontmoeten en de sfeer proeven? Dat kan! We geven je graag een rondleiding op onze locatie.

Echter kunnen we hier pas een datum voor prikken, zodra we ook daadwerkelijk plek hebben op onze locatie. Op die manier voorkomen we teleurstelling. Op dit moment geldt dat we voor (bijna) alle locaties een wachtlijst hebben en er geen plekken beschikbaar zijn. Het is daarom raadzaam om eerst je kind in te schrijven, zodat jullie op de wachtlijst komen te staan.


Als organisatie voor kinderopvang denken we steeds na over onze rol in de opvoeding van de kinderen die aan ons toevertrouwd worden.


Iedereen de ruimte voor eigen wijze groei.


Solidoe wil de kinderopvang en het onderwijs transformeren tot één uitdagende en moderne (ontwikkel)omgeving voor het kind.