Toddlers (2-4 Years)

Toddlers are avid explorers, finding joy in investigating everything around them - their surroundings, everything they see and hear, and, most importantly, each other. Our childcare and toddler care programs offer the perfect opportunity for children to interact with their peers.


Preschool childcare

This is where lasting friendships are forged. In our secure and familiar environment, carefully crafted by our pedagogical staff, children are encouraged to embark on exciting adventures, let their creativity run wild, and test the boundaries of their capabilities, as this is when they learn the most.


Here, too, friendships take root and flourish. Within the nurturing environment created by our pedagogical staff, children are empowered to explore, innovate, and push their limits, as these experiences are at the heart of their learning journey.


Preschool Education

VE stands for pre-school and early childhood education, specifically tailored for toddler care. This program, implemented at all our locations, offers additional support and a diverse range of activities in a playful manner. Our pedagogical staff in toddler care are trained to provide this valuable extra support. VE is not limited to language development; it's a comprehensive program that stimulates the holistic development of young children.

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