Linda Houtkamp, Location manager: “Since 2002, I have been working in the most beautiful profession there is: childcare Over the years, I have witnessed childcare grow, develop, and shape into what it is today. By continually challenging myself through training and courses, I have been able to develop a wealth of knowledge and skills. I see children as our future, little explorers who are still pure in their approach to life. It is our responsibility to guide and support them hand in hand with their parents through the early stages of their lives. Together with the Baloe team, I ensure that it feels homely and welcoming here.”

Contact details

Baloe, Uithoorn
Herman Gorterhof 1
1422 JP Uithoorn

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LRK number: KDV: 450874989

Pedagogical work plan

Opening hours
Mon 7.30-18.30
Tue 7.30-18.30
Wed 7.30-18.30
Thur 7.30-18.30
Fri 7.30-18.30

Babys & Toddlers

Baloe is a small daycare center in the Zijdelwaard district in Uithoorn. We have 2 baby groups and 1 toddler group, so there are only children aged 0 to 4 years.

There is a lot of contact between the groups; brothers and sisters can therefore see each other regularly during the day. We play outside together and our colleagues know all the children, including the children from the other groups. This means that they can easily be deployed to another group, if necessary. So the children never see an unfamiliar face. Many parents like the small scale of our location. It is clear and everyone knows each other. That gives a feeling of security.

Small scale

Baloe daycare center is hidden in the middle of a courtyard in the Zijdelwaard district, surrounded by beautiful tall trees. There is a nice green outdoor area that we use a lot to play with the children and discover all kinds of things. For example, we watch and listen to the birds and see what kind of little creatures are hidden under a block of wood.

Many cultures

People from different cultures live in the Zijdelwaard district with their own background, customs and language. We think it is important to offer everyone a feeling of ‘home’, even if it is in another country. We always talk to parents, listen to them and ask what they need and we try to accommodate this as best as possible within the care we offer.

spelen kinderen groene buitenruimte

Linda Houtkamp

Junior Location manager

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However, we can only schedule a date for this once we have actual space available at our location. This way we avoid disappointment. Currently, we have waitlists for (almost) all of our locations and there are no openings available. Therefore, we recommend registering your child first so that you can be added to the waitlist.

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As a childcare organization, we constantly consider our role in the education of the children entrusted to us.

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Solidoe wants to transform childcare and education into one challenging and modern (development) environment for the child.