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In addition to being a resting point, the after-school care is also a time when the children can release their energy. That’s welcome after a morning of sitting quietly. That is why the children go outside to play as much as possible. If that really isn’t possible, there is plenty to do indoors.

Inter-School Care at School

Solidoe offers after-school care directly at the school for several schools:

While the specifics of the break structure may vary from school to school, the fundamental organization remains consistent across all locations. Children bring their own food and drinks from home and are supervised by a dedicated care worker. Typically, after a satisfying lunch, they head outside to play, although the sequence may be reversed for some groups. We ensure that there is a wide range of play equipment available for both indoor and outdoor use. The team of caregivers is led by a TSO coordinator.

To register for between-school care, you can use the registration form on this website.

For further information and inquiries, please reach out to the respective TSO coordinators:
De Kwikstaart – TSO-coördinator Priscilla Cloose: 06-45255766
’t Startnest TSO-coördinator Eva Poupa : 06 251 21 647
De Brug – TSO coordinator Arthur Waaning : 06 810 38 668
De Zon – TSO coordinator Kirsten Lentz : 06 238 71 321

Antoniusschool – TSO coordinators Priscilla van Aalst en Marlous Spaargaren : 06-34175813

Inter-School Care at the BSO

Children who go to school at the Springschans in Uithoorn can go to Meerwijk in the afternoon. The after-school care at Solidoe locations includes lunch, with our pedagogical staff having lunch together with the children.