Well, school hours and working hours…

Is your child going to primary school? Then you will probably also experience that school times and working hours do not always match up well. That is why your child can go to after-school care one or more afternoons a week and/or during the holidays. Solidoe’s after-school care, BSO for short, is always open outside school hours. Before and after school, during timetable-free days from school and during the school holidays, children between the ages of 4 and 13 can go to the after-school care center. Solidoe has unique locations for after-school care spread across Aalsmeer, Kudelstaart, Uithoorn and De Kwakel.

With pleasure

We believe that out-of-school care should be more than an extension of the school day. In our view, it should be an enjoyable leisure activity for the children. We offer the children a challenging, positive group environment in which they feel safe. From this safe environment we give them the opportunity to play, develop and make friends. We adapt the structure, materials, activities and options to the age of the children.

Pick up and play!

When classes are over, we pick up the children from school. If possible, we walk from school to after-school care together. If that is too far, a bus or taxi will be waiting to take the children and pedagogical staff to the after-school care center. First we eat and drink something together. The children can then choose what they are going to do: be sporty or creative, play games, read or of course play outside. They can decide for themselves whether they want to participate in the activities offered or play themselves. We do strive to play outside a lot!