Learn while playing

ECE stands for pre-school and early childhood education, intended for toddler care. This program, implemented at all our locations, offers additional support and a diverse range of activities in a playful manner. Our pedagogical staff in toddler care are trained to provide this valuable extra support. ECE is not just a language program, but a total program that stimulates the broad development of young children.

Children who have a delay in language, motor skills or social-emotional development can receive an indication for ECE from the child health clinic. They can then come to the toddler care center for 4 half days.

We use ECE in all forms of toddler care, including in daycare, so children who do not have a ECE indication also participate in the program. This way, all children benefit from everything that ECE offers. At Solidoe we use two ECE programs.

Within the Group

Our group settings are equipped with various areas where children can engage in activities like building, “cooking,” playing with dolls, and crafting. We design programs around themes such as seasons, daily life, or traffic The pedagogical staff employs project books with ideas, games, and songs to engage toddlers with these themes. Through a blend of play and learning, toddlers are stimulated in their language and cognitive development, as well as their creativity and personality.

Pyramid Program

In Aalsmeer and Kudelstaart, we implement the Pyramid program.
Pyramid also centers around themes like seasons, daily life, or traffic. Our group settings are equipped with various areas where children can engage in activities like building, “cooking,” playing with dolls, and crafting. The group’s organization aligns with the theme of the moment.

The added value of working with a ECE program lies mainly in the conscious and targeted offering of variation in the offering, appropriate to the needs of children in the group. This applies to both the design and the way in which activities are offered. Children are most open to learning during their play, which is why at Solidoe we provide a rich play-learning environment, where children can play, discover and learn independently and with each other.

Uk and Puk Program

In Uithoorn and De Kwakel, we utilize the Uk and Puk program, Puk is a hand puppet who plays the leading role in this ECE program. Puk actively engages with the children, joining in play, assisting with cleanup, participating in circle time, sitting at the table for meals, and playing outdoors. Puk becomes an integral part of the group.

Puk’s primary role is to encourage children to use language effectively. The main objective of the program is to enhance toddlers’ language skills, enabling them to make a strong start in primary school. The program primarily focuses on speaking and listening, as well as vocabulary expansion.

Children also practice skills such as early mathematics (measurement, number awareness, spatial orientation) and social-communicative aspects, including kindness, task management, decision-making, cooperative play, self-assertion, and conflict resolution. Additional tasks are available for toddlers who are further advanced than the average child.


The municipalities of Aalsmeer and Uithoorn subsidize ECE Toddler Care. If, as a parent, you are not eligible for childcare allowance, for example, if only one of you is working or if you are receiving benefits, the municipality will cover a portion of the toddler care costs.