Play and discover

Toddlers love nothing more than to investigate everything. The environment, everything they see and hear, but especially each other. At the age of 2, children are especially intrigued by their peers. Making the toddler care center the ideal place for them to interact with other children. Solidoe offers toddler care branches in Aalsmeer, Uithoorn, Kudelstaart, and De Kwakel.

Children in toddler care learn the art of social interaction and group dynamics through play. This is where lasting friendships are forged. In our secure and familiar environment, carefully crafted by our pedagogical staff, children are encouraged to embark on exciting adventures, let their creativity run wild, and test the boundaries of their capabilities, as this is when they learn the most.

Take a look at these images of toddlers at Solidoe, we visit a vertical group where children from 0 to 4 years old come and we are in the toddler group with children from 2 to 4 years old:

Solidoe sees children as explorers. Young children develop and learn by playing, experiencing and experiencing. Our staff allows the children to experience everything for themselves as much as possible. In this way they acquire all kinds of skills that are important for the development of their personality. This training is important to make children strong for 21st century society.

Half-Day Toddler Care

If you don’t require full-day care or are not working, and you wish for your child to engage with other toddlers our half-day toddler care is a suitable option. We offer three different formats for this.
Starting in 2021, we provide toddler care in the municipalities of Uithoorn/De Kwakel and Aalsmeer/Kudelstaart for 40 school weeks per year

Toddler Care “Under the Law”

If you are eligible for childcare allowance due to your work or studies, your child can attend preschool for half-days starting from the age of 2. We refer to this legally as toddler care. Each group follows a structured daily routine with its own established rituals. This consistency offers stability and confidence to the children, balancing the freedom they have to explore and experience.


For parents who do not qualify for childcare allowance, there is a playgroup subsidized by the municipality, requiring a modest contribution from parents. Children aged 2 and a half or older can attend the playgroup for two mornings a week, where they can socialize with other children and enjoy playtime together.

Early Childhood Education (VVE)

This form of care is designed for children with a VVE (early childhood education) indication from the child health clinic. This indication is given when children need additional support in language development, motor skills, or social-emotional development. VVE programs offer extra support in a playful manner, and our employees are trained to provide this assistance. Children with a VVE indication come to the playgroup 4 mornings a week. More about Early Childhood Education (VVE).

In practice, the children from the toddler care, the playgroup and the VVE play together in 1 group.

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